1. K8 100 Slim Filter Holder
  2. Geared adapter rings 77-86mm & 82-86mm Magnetic
  3. Step rings 67-82mm & 72-82mm
  4. 86mm Slimline magnetic CPL (polariser)
  5. Both 2mm & 1.1mm slots available - 2mm supplied as standard


Holds up to 3 x 100mm filters plus the polariser filter. The holder will work with most 2mm and 1.1 mm filters of any manufacturer. Precision CNC milled from the highest quality aviation aluminium with matt anodised finish to avoid reflections. Screw locking mechanism to avoid accidental removal.

The adapter is an ingenious solution to the problem of using circular polarisers in a slot-in system, with the easily attached and removed polariser being connecting magnetically rather than being screwed on. The polariser is then rotated by the means of a small wheel acting on a geared mechanism allowing single fingertip operation.

K8 Slim 100 Filter Holder with Magnetic Slim Polariser Filter