Skye Day Tour

For up to four people:

Relax and let Tim be your guide for the day and drive you to some of the best spots to capture your own photographs. The tour will of course encompass some of the iconic locations of Skye, such as the Storr and the Quiraing. Once there you will be guided to just the right place in order to capture your photographs from the same viewpoint a professional would use. If you require it Tim will offer advice at each location as to image composition and basic camera control so that you can maximise the quality of your holiday photos with the equipment you have.


The tour is not intended as a day of intensive tuition, rather a way of transporting you to some of the most scenic locations on Skye from the viewpoint of a professional photographer.

Tours start at 10.00am and go through to around 5.00pm (or sunset if required).


A sunset location can be included in your day either by starting the tour later in the day or at extra cost, by continuing through. During peak summer months when there are extended daylight hours this usually means a break so that you can enjoy your evening meal.


£160 per day, (£200 to include a sunset location - April through October)


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